We would like to tell you about our school.

At Knockando Primary School we are a Rights Respecting School where staff, parents and pupils work together to enable our learners to become the successful, confident, responsible adults of our future community. This is done by showing them that they can make a difference in the world today and that being part of a rural community is not a barrier to becoming an effective contributor in today’s world.

Our school is situated in a unique location, nestled beside Knockando Church and Cardhu Distillery. It can be found by turning off the main road between Archiestown and Knockando, at the turn-off to Cardhu Distillery. The school sits amidst very attractive grounds comprising two separate tarred areas; one which is used as a playground and the other located at the rear of the building for parking. A full sized football field and a smaller grass playground can be safely accessed by the children who are encouraged to play cooperatively. We also access within our grounds the local tennis courts and the athletics club’s facilities.

The building itself is the original Victorian building and houses two of the main teaching areas and we also accommodate the local Knockando Playgroup which runs every morning from 9.10am until 12.20 noon. The third classroom, canteen and library are situated in an adjacent annexe. The main building has been modernised and comprises of a semi open plan classroom for the junior class and a large, airy classroom for the infant class. All classrooms have wireless network and Interactive Whiteboards.

We are a non- denominational primary school with a current roll of 50 children. Everyone is encouraged to work hard and to the best of their ability. The school promotes an ethos of growth mind set. This means that children are encouraged to keep trying when they find learning challenging so that they build the skills to succeed. The classes are composite with a range of ages from 5yrs - 7yrs in P1-3, 8yrs – 9yrs in P4-5 and 10yrs - 11yrs in P6-7. We ask that our children are caring, responsible and sensible in their actions, so that everyone feels safe and secure.

Our school community decided in consultation that our school values are