Values - these are our school values which we aim to show in everything we do - Fun, Respect, Hardworking, Kind and Helpful, Achieving. The pupils, their parents and staff came up with these values.

  • We have fun whilst we learn by doing activities and playing games.
  • Teachers are kind and respectful and they always help when needed.
  • We have new topics (IDL) every term which lets us learn more.
  • We have lots of school trips and activity trips like book festivals at libraries and every year some people from primary six and seven go to Abernethy for a ski trip.
  • We support lots of other people and good causes through school events like Red Nose Day and Christmas Jumper Day.
  • Every year we have a Talent Show to show everyone else at the school our talents.
  • All of the students are extremely kind to each other and support each other which mean they are always making new friends.

By Leah P7 and Jody P4