Our class | by P1-4 

Important Info
• Our teacher is Mrs Beange  while Miss Burness is on maternity leave, we also get Mrs Mustard once a week

The teacher’s name is Miss Burness. The teacher is nice and kind. The class is in the main building and turn right. There are 22 pupils in the class:  5 Primary ones, 6 Primary twos,  3 Primary threes and 8 Primary four pupils.   This class is great because we take part in soft start activities, dance warm ups to get our heart rate up and lots of different maths activities and games. For writing we sometimes learn ‘Talk for Writing’ stories and we make story maps then write our own stories. In Primary 1 we learn sounds and write our letters in the sand and sing sound songs.

• There are 22 pupils our class

• We’re a rights respecting school and are achieving and hardworking

• We learn about lots of different things. Recently, we learned about fairy tales and how you know a story is a fairy tale . We also learnt about fractions and are learning about symmetry at the moment

• We play together and we share. We use technology to help us learn such as I-pads, laptops and computers

• We know lots about our brain and having a growth mind set.

• In reading we use puppets, such as Vermit the Visualising Frog, to help us with our strategies

Our stories

Our children have made some posts as part of their school work. Please see them below.